Transforming people and organisations.
Mediate. Prevent. Resolve.

Replace adversarial confrontation with cost-effective and future-orientated solutions. All organisations experience workplace conflict, which is extremely costly and resource-intensive. Our mediation services offer an effective process to manage workplace disputes and challenges. No more time spent on investigations, grievances, or tribunal claims. Resolve miscommunication before it gets to conflict.

The mediator doesn’t take the place of your line managers. They will support you and your managers to prevent and resolve workplace conflicts. UK businesses lose £33 billion per year due to workplace conflicts. Up to 20% of leadership time is spent resolving conflicts. Change these statistics with workplace mediation!

Mediation is not as expensive as you may think. Cost can also be divided between the participants.

Don’t let a conflict be more expensive than you can afford.

Our accredited mediators are members of The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

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1 day (6 hours)Standard fee500£
21 hours*Most popular choice1,500£

*Hours to be used as needed. Notice is necessary.

Commercial and civil mediation available.