How do I know I need HR support?
Different organisations have different HR challenges and opportunities.

Small organisation taking on its first employee

Organisation A owns a small business which is rapidly growing and employing staff. With no HR support in place, Organisation A doesn’t have adequate HR policies and procedures in place and is worried that employment contracts are out of date. Organisation A needs help with auditing existing documents, creating new templates and the peace of mind that they can call their peopleknd. HR consultant if and when any people issues arise.

Office manager or junior HR professional in an organisation looking for additional support or help on specific projects

Organisation B already has an office manager or junior HR professional who is responsible for day to day HR issues but needs to outsource specific tasks, including legal compliance or staff engagement strategies. Organisation B needs support from a peopleknd. HR consultant who can come into the organisation and form part of the team.

An organisation that is experiencing the everyday challenges of becoming a larger company

Organisation C has documents and policies in place, but needs more dedicated HR support to maintain their company culture and deal with employee relation issues. Organisation C wants to make sure that the business is falling on the right side of employment law and needs a peopleknd. HR consultant to be onsite once a week to be an extension of the business.

An organisation that is being challenged by certain staff members during a restructure, TUPE, or performance management process.

Organisation D has an employee who is upset and refuses to get fully engaged with the organisation with the aim to resolve the dispute. Organisation D wants to make sure they are legally compliant and fair to their employee while protecting the organisation and needs a peopleknd. HR consultant to advise on key matters like employment law, staff engagement or performance management.

An organisation that is looking for new ways to engage with their people and nurture a happy workplace while keeping the business strategy at their core.

Organisation E wants to build a people’s agenda that’s linked to the business strategy. Organisation E wants their people to perform their best. Organisation E knows that happy employees are motivated to build healthy workplace relationships and live by the values of the organisation while performing their best. Organisation E doesn’t know how what their employees want or think about the company and needs a peopleknd. HR consultant to engage with the employees and create a people agenda that’s engaging, easy to implement and built around the business strategy.

Whether you are considering what operational day-to-day support you may require, or you simply want to take your business to the next level…

We recommend you take time out with one of our HR Consultants for an initial FREE HR Health Check to help you analyse your business and workforce needs.

We can help you if you are a start up business looking to take on people for the first time and set up firm foundations in order to be compliant or you may be an established business looking to grow and engage with your people.  We also offer this FREE HR service to larger SMEs looking to change for the future and grow through transformation.

Whatever your situation you can take advantage of our FREE HR Healthcheck with no obligation to commission our services. Please send us an email at or call us on 0207 459 4277.