Our story
We care about your people and organisation.

I’m Sarah Jo. Welcome to peopleknd.

peopleknd. helps organisations like yours to grow through their people. peopleknd. was born out of my passion for improving lives and organisations by working with people in their workplace.

I am an HR and People & Culture expert who supports SMEs on people matters. I am an HR and People & Culture lecturer who supports the next generation of people professionals. Being a practitioner and an academic helps me to support you by keeping my practices up to date with the latest HR and People & Culture research, continuously learning from HR and People & Culture practice and theory. I strongly believe that Knowledge for Action is the best way forward rather than knowledge for the sake of knowledge. Practice without the latest knowledge misses crucial developments in the field. I also enjoy speaking and writing on key HR matters and, currently, I am writing the HR column of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry‘s Business Magazine. Here are my latest two articles – Five ways to overcome the current skills shortage & Is the four-day week the future of work?

During the years I’ve often been asked ‘What kind of people do you want in your organisation? The Ambitious, the Hard-working, the Self-motivated, the Reliable, the Communicator, the Self-starter, the Passionate, or the Committed?‘

My answer?

The People kind. All of the above and a lot more. Organisations succeed when they understand that their people have good days – days when they are the Self-motivated, the Ambitious and the Self-starter – but there are also days when they are the Tired, the Stressed, or the Challenging. We, at peopleknd., acknowledge people’s good days and bad days, understand that none of us can perform at our best every day, celebrate successes and give support when needed.

peopleknd. was born to celebrate people and organisations. To help you nurture a happy workplace. To support your organisation during good times and bad times. To help your organisation transform and grow. We offer expert HR advice on key people matters. We train. We mediate. We conduct research on key HR and People & Culture matters.

But more importantly, we care.

We care about your people and organisation. We strive to build relationships and trust with you and your people, to support your efforts to increase staff engagement, to create a working environment that nurtures learning and development and improves performance, to help you attract and retain talent, and to make sure your business and staff are guided by up-to-date policies and procedures tailored for you.

The world is changing at a fast pace. Mankind is changing its way of working. ‘Mankind’ is changing. The future is People. ‘Mankind’ becomes ‘peoplekind’. Change is inevitable, but you choose how to react to change and get your organisation where you want it to be to accomplish the vision you have for it.

I believe in simple things. Through my work I’ve understood one simple thing that stays at the core of organisational transformation. Treat people like people and they will be happier. Happy people, better organisations.

I am looking forward to meeting you and your people.



Sarah Jo

peopleknd. founder

Chartered FCIPD